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Sky Aviation Academy

Welcome to the Premier Aviation School in South Florida.  Sky Aviation Academy is located at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. Recently, we also started our academy in Brazil. We specialize in training for the lucrative careers in the aviation industry. Whether you are a full-time or part-time student, we customize training as per your scheduling needs. Contact Us.  

Airline Careers

Airlines are always in need of many different skillsets. Sky Aviation offers courses that help you aquire the right skillset for the varied job opportunities at these airlines.

One of our premier course offering is a Full course for Aviation Dispatcher careers.

Aircraft Dispatchers are highly trained individuals who hold a valid FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate. They are employed by individual airlines and work in the airline's operational control center, sometimes known as System Operations Control Centers, Flight Control, Flight Dispatch or just Dispatch. Dispatchers control and coordinate all functions of the airline. Dispatch serves as the airline's "Mission Control". The dispatch office is the airline's nerve center.

All major decisions concerning the airline's operation are made, whether it be regional or global in scope. FAA licensed Aircraft Dispatchers work in these centers. Aircraft Dispatchers are "not" Air Traffic Controllers. Air Traffic Controllers work for the FAA, and separate air traffic. Think of Air Traffic Controllers as "traffic cops".

Aircraft Dispatchers are the ground equivalent to the Airline Captain. Captain and Dispatcher exercise joint decision making and shared authority during the airline flight operation. The FAA believes in the "two heads are better than one" concept. To learn more about Aircraft Dispatchers, check out our FAQs.

Aircraft Dispatcher Courses

The Sky Aviation Academy Dispatcher Courses will prepare you to become a certificated dispatcher. 
It is considered a vocational program as after the 5 week course, the student is ready to be employed at an airline.  Upon successful completion of this course, the student receives an FAA Dispatchers License.  The Full Course is currently being offered for a special rate for a limited time.


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