Excellence in Aviation Training

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Sky Aviation Academy today released its online Aviation English program for Flight Attendants.  Oscar Hasan stated that due to a high demand in the marketplace for this course, we have created and today launch the online classes.

Our Flight Attendant classes are the first step for individuals seeking employment in the Airline industry and come from a non-English speaking Country.  

We have different programs available and they can be viewed and purchased online at www.faaenglish.com.  Sky Aviation continues to become a market leader for specialized aviation online courses.  Our English program exceeds the ICAO guidelines for minimum language requirements.

Students who take our courses, get a better response at airline job interviews.  Our goal is to equip our students with the Aviation English knowledge required for them to stand out from other candidates and for future success.  For further details, please visit www.faaenglish.com

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