Aviation English for Flight Attendants

What is Aviation English for Flight Attendants? All Airlines require Flight Attendants to have a knowledge of Aviation English. This course provides individuals that are interested in a career as a Flight Attendant to learn the language used by Airlines worldwide and give you a huge advantage at your next job interview. Our online courses consist of self-study and online classroom training. Upon completion of the course, each student that successfully passes the exam is issued with a certificate of completion from Sky Aviation Academy, showing that you meet or exceed ICAO English standards for a Flight Attendant.

Our courses 

1) Basic English for Flight Attendants

This course was designed for people who do not speak English. We start at the beginning: “My name is..” . There is an emphasis on aviation vocabulary, grammar, listening and importantly: speaking.

Learn how to:

- Practice routine on board situations such as serving drinks to passengers and

- How to talk in English during emergency situations.

- Make on board announcements.

- Practice interview and test questions.

Material: We have designed our course that has 5 units each with 4 lessons.

2) Intermediate English for Flight Attendants

This course is for flight attendants who already speak and understand English, but are not very proficient. The course contains a lot of speaking and listening, and real on board situation simulation. We practice routine situations that happen during the flight, as well as emergency situations.

Do you want to improve your English before applying for a job as a Flight Attendant?

Strong English communication skills are essential for flight attendants as they frequently have contact with the public.  If you want to start a career as a flight attendant you will find that recruitment departments require that you have:

  • Strong English communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity when dealing with people
  • Experience in handling difficult situations
  • Confidence when speaking with other English speakers.

You can develop each of these skills on the English for Flight Attendant Careers course. Particular emphasis is given to improving core language skills.

Listening comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, fluency, confidence

Improve your English and increase your chances of becoming a flight attendant

Benefits of the English for Flight Attendant Careers Course:

  • When you attend an airline interview you will be able to confidently answer questions in English.
  • You will be able to deal with routine and non-routine situations that could occur during flight.
  • You will have greater awareness of differences between cultures.
  • You will have more sensitivity when dealing with customers
  • You will be able to manage difficult situations in English.

But won't the airline teach me everything I need to know during my initial training (if I'm successful)?

No.  The airline will not teach you how to speak English. The airline will expect you to have a basic level of English when you join the airline, and then improve your language skills in your own time.  Even airlines with large language training departments offer minimal ongoing language training for their flight attendants. Passengers and flight crew all over the world recognise that flight attendants need a high level of language proficiency.

Don't wait for the airline to teach you English or you could lose the job to someone who already has better English. If you are serious about a career as a flight attendant the best way to improve your proficiency in English is with Aviation English Asia's integrated English for Flight Attendant Careers course.

SAA courses are recommended by successful candidates AND recruiters

SKY AVIATION ACADEMY teachers are aviation professionals and they understand the language difficulties that new-hire flight attendants may have. English has a major role in flight safety so many world class airlines have approached us to help them hire candidates with strong English communication skills. A core belief adopted by students and teachers is that:

English proficiency is needed EVERY DAY of your life - not just in a job interview!

English for Flight Attendant Careers gives you real language skills that will be useful throughout your career - not just an interview. English for Flight Attendant Careers includes all the language skills of a mainstream General English course, but is much more focused on topics that are relevant to an airline career.

Essential English for flight attendants:

  • Practice talking about yourself, daily routine, hobbies and interests
  • Group discussion activities!
  • Learn to describe different tourist destinations
  • Practice dealing with problems and difficulties that passengers may have during flight
  • Expand your vocabulary to describe different kinds of food and drink,
  • Improve your ability to present, describe and sell products
  • Develop essential customer service skills, diplomatic language and and the ability to deal with unruly passengers
  • Practice vocabulary for describing health problems, medicine and first aid
  • Give advice to passengers about destinations around the world

Course fees 

Online Basic Level 1 English for Flight Attendants:

Course Includes:

  • Online Course material for self Study – 15 hour online course
  • Ability to reserve time with an online TEFL qualified teacher 

Online Intermediate Level 2 English for Flight Attendants:

Course Includes:

  • Online Course material for self Study – 30 hour online course
  • Ability to reserve time with an online TEFL qualified teacher

Online English Certification Courses for Flight Attendant Careers:

Course Includes:

  • Online course material for self study - 60 Hour online course
  • 10 hours online one-on-one session with TEFL qualified instructor
  • Opportunity to join group conversations about the Aviation industry to practice English with fellow students and gain general aviation knowledge.
  • Testing and certification upon completion of the course
  • Assistance in job placement and upcoming airline interviews.


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