Aviation English Placement Test = Which ICAO Level is right for you?

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Our Aviation English placement test is designed by instructors with decades of training under their wings. This test is unlike many other online tests. It consists of automatically graded sections, automatic speech recognition engine that evaluates how you speak, and one of our trained instructors read the written parts of the test and grade you properly. Upon receiving your results and signing up for one of our ICAO English classes, we will credit the test fee towards your course fee.







We highly recommend that new students take our Aviation English Placement Test before enrolling ANY Aviation English/ICAO classes. This test has helped students avoid getting enrolled in TOO HARD or TOO EASY courses. We have added a small fee for you to take this test - but this fee will go towards whichever Aviation English course you decide to take on our site.


We tests your READING capabilities

• Can you follow simple to long texts and instructions 

• Can you comprehend basic descriptions and specific details 


We also tests your SPEAKING capabilities

• Can you say simple English words and phrases clearly

• It uses Speech Recognition and Analysis software to determine progress


And finally we test your WRITING capabilities

• Can you say create a simple story

• Can you express more complicated themes

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