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Sky Aviation Academy has created a suite of training programs for multitudes of Aircraft Dispatcher requirements.

The Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program provides aircraft dispatcher certification at a fixed cost, with a proven FAA approved curriculum — meeting FAR Part 65 standards. Please Login/Create Account to see more details and pricing.

Bottom Line:

The Sky Aviation Academy Dispatcher Course will prepare you to become a certificated dispatcher. 

It is considered a vocational program as after the 5 week course, the student is ready to be employed at an airline.  Upon successful completion of this course, the student receives an FAA Dispatchers License.  The Full Course is currently being offered for a special rate of more than 20% off regular rate.

Uniquely structured in a highly-effective Crew Resource Management approach and using new generation aircraft, dispatch students train in conjunction with pilot, flight crew, and maintenance training programs, allowing students to build upon a deeper knowledge base.

With most instructors averaging over ten years experience with airline and corporate flight departments, students have the unique advantage of learning from some of the most respected, and experienced, instructors in the aviation industry.

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Dispatcher Courses

  Aircraft Dispatcher Short Course / 5 Weeks (Special Pricing) 

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