Excellence in Aviation Training

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Franchise/Partner Opportunities

If you are already in the Aviation industry or wish to start a new school, we can assist you from start to finish.

Our proven education method of online and classroom education with qualified instructors can provide the backbone that is required to build a solid educational program from your facility.

SAA offers assistance in initial set-up, FAA approvals and approved ICAO standard course syllabuses. We also provide facility and back office support in marketing, training and on-going tutors available for your students. Our Franchise / Partner programs create revenues for your business in less than 30 days of opening your doors. We provide all the back office support to get you established and making money as soon as possible.

Franchise Opportunities: We are looking for select business minded aviation professionals to join hands in opening a Sky Aviation Academy in your area. Our selection process is based on your experience in the industry and your location.

Private Label Programs: Our private label program allows you to open a school under your name and we provide all the support, Govt approvals and teacher training. We have different packages depending on what your exact requirements are but all items are private labeled under your name and we are there to create a successful curriculum for your immediate success. From website and online management, we provide the back office support and strength required for a successful business.

International programs: From becoming a certified reseller of our programs to opening a school, we can assist with a partnership. Based on your location, we can tailor make a successful program for you.

Can you do it yourself? Yes, you can but based on how much time we have invested in creating our programs, your time to market is better spent in utilizing a proven program and start your marketing as soon as possible. On average, it takes 6 months to 1 year to open a school from scratch!

Initial investments can be financed over 1 year with a low initial deposit and high revenues are possible based on your location and marketing abilities.

As a business owner, you can pick and choose which programs you are interested in promoting. Our Aviation Dispatcher classes are the base of any school. However, our programs in Hazmat and Aviation English for Pilots and Aviation English for Flight Attendants are additional programs you can add on to your courses offered.

Our centralized Job center assist in placement of your graduates! Our corporate offices are located at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, Florida.

Each request is evaluated on location and current facilities available. Download the PDF / Word version of the form. Fill it out and send back to us. We will evaluate it and have one of our Directors call you to discuss the details.

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