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This course has been designed by leading aviation training providers from both the USA and UK, using the experience and knowledge of experts from airlines, aiports, ground handling companies, and recruiters - offering you realistic and up to date training.


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Passenger Service Agent Training 

DSC 0100 500pxYou will gain knowledge of the Passenger Service Agent role, duties coupled with aviation terminology and procedures. You will learn how to check-in and board passengers, using airline system simulator.

Through a variety of other learning activities, you will develop the necessary skills to perform in a front-line customer service role. Our 'job specific' course can prepare you for employment in airport passenger handling.

The course covers a variety of topics including:

Module 1: Welcome Onboard

: Principles of Passenger Handling

: Baggage and Security Regulations

: Voice Recognition Practice

: Computerised Check-in Introductio

: Knowledge Quizzes

Module 2: Ready to Check In

: Travel Documents

: Check-in

: Computerised Check-in Advanced

: Voice Recognition Practice

: Knowledge Quizzes

Module 3: Mind Your Gate

: Aviation Customer Service

: Boarding Management

: Computerised Boarding System

: Voice Recognition Exercises

: Knowledge Quizzes

Module 4: Showtime

: Employability

: Knowledge Practice Test

: Check-in Simulator Practice

: Boading System Practice

: Final Exam

Check-in & Boarding Simulator

DSC 0121 500pxSky Aviation adds a unique practical component to your airport or PSA course by providing you with Check-in and Boarding simulators. This hands-on experience will significantly enhance your learning, and will prepare you for employment in ground handling.

Check-in Sim Benefits:

  • Practical Experience
  • Interactive Activities
  • Realistic understanding of the Passenger Service Agent role
  • Fun and easy to use

Check-in System Functions:

  • Passenger Check-in
  • Luggage Check-in
  • Oversized Luggage Charges
  • Travel Documents Checks
  • Seat Assignments
  • Special Requirements
  • Boarding Management
  • Announcements 

Our system and training can add significant value to your learning and employment opportunities. 

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